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Thursday, March 18, 2010

All about me

Here's a new list of the top 25 things you probably never knew about me....nor cared to know.....

1. I enjoy bird watching and learning the migration patterns here in McDonough.

2. The older I get, I have less tolerance for stupid people.

3. The older I get, I cherish the true friendships I have even more.

4. I've gotten one more tattoo.

5. If I could start all over again, I'd like to live in New York City and be a bohemian creative person.

6. I have little tolerance for church denominational structures because they create such political atmospheres.

7. I'd like to teach the world to sing......and not care about the perfect harmony......just sing.

8. I love live theatre, especially community theatre groups.

9. I've actually joined a gym and try to go there regularly.

10. I've got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver disease, and a borderline diabetic...but, basically a very happy person.

11. The mountains are my favorite place, except when I'm at the beach.

12. Ideally, I would love a house on the Maine coast, and in the Smokey Mountains, and on the Gulf Coast of Florida/Alabama.

13. If I were on death row, my favorite last meal would consist of pizza, steak, meatloaf, spaghetti, cajun chicken pasta, cheesecake, cream cheese brownies, and homemade pound cake.

14. Having a career as an undertaker has always been intriguing to me...and I might pursue it at some point. Or a lawyer.

15. People have always thought I should have had a career in music, but that's about the furthest thing to interest me. Music is my fun thing, my God thing.

16. Retirement is suiting me very well. A couple part-time jobs, doing what I enjoy, close to home, is a good thing.

17. I think I can sing better than some of these American Idol people. Or at least know that I can't carry a tune in a bucket and to stay home.

18. I don't have a favorite type of book or music; pretty much like all kinds and styles. However, I have enjoyed getting to know the modern day vampire and werewolves who are 'nice and friendly', vegetarian, marry, and have 'nice' children.

19. My shallow side enjoys watching tv shows like "Operation Repo", "Deadliest Catch", "Cops", and most all reality shows.

20. My cool side enjoys NCIS marathons, Bones marathons, Law and Order Marathons, Harry Potter marathons, and Lord of the Rings marathons.

21. I'm glad to be of Celtic origins and would like to meet the Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder groups....and tour with them....especially the Celtic Woman. It would give me a chance to wear my kilt and polish up my bagpipe skills.

22. I'd love to spend the summer bicycling through Germany and Austria, sailing the Mediterranean, and lolling around a Tuscan village.

23. My greatest dream would be to be knighted by the Queen of England.

24. Being single is a pretty cool gig.

25. There's nothing better than sitting on the back deck on a spring morning having coffee and chatting with my mom.


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