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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sometimes you just have to reboot

Probably two of the most frustrating things in my life are my computers. One sits and taunts me from the top of my desk and the other lies in wait on the bookshelf next to my recliner. Back when they were fresh out of their boxes, I firmly believe that the desktop (the older sibling) whispered to the new laptop (the baby), “Hey, let’s gang up on Jimmy, and make his life miserable at the most every opportunity. It’ll be fun, you’ll see!” So, the fun began…or at least for them.
Over the past several months, I have been plagued with viruses, adware, dead batteries, the slowest speeds imaginable, temperamental CD drives, total crashes, etc. Finally, it has gotten to a point where the blue screen of death is a welcome sight to see. After dealing with the ringleader desktop computer until the wee hours of the morning, I finally decided to wipe it clean, reinstall operating systems and programs, and start all over again. It seemed a much better option than spending the money for a new one when this renegade is not that old. It just needed an attitude adjustment.
It happened. Without any warning, I began the next day by sneaking up and accessing the dreaded DOS system and began to reformat. Kicking, screaming, and making all manner of threats against me, the PC finally succumbed and I spent the better part of the morning restructuring it into the machine I wanted. The machine it once was. Since that time, with all new (and free) programs to monitor for viruses, adware, malware, and the other type of –wares, I have a very safe and secure system that operates quickly and exists solely to keep me happy. The laptop will have a similar appointment coming; however, I need to keep that day a secret - especially since it is sitting on my lap as I type.
Many times our own internal operating systems become messed up and we cease to operate as God wants. We let down our protective guards and allow all manner of viruses and hurtful elements to enter our hearts and minds. The Word of God should be the only guard we need to keep harmful things out of our lives. However, they are often so attractive that we rationalize that “just this time won’t be a problem, will it? Will it?” Like a computer virus, once it has a toehold in our life, then it spreads to all areas.
Is that movie the most appropriate to see? Is it something that God would approve of one of His children watching? Is that website or chat room a place where you might compromise God’s standards for a few minutes of selfish enjoyment? Is that word or phrase you just spoke one that builds up someone, or tears them down? How about the places you hang out for fun and the company you keep?
With a finger pointing back to me, I ask….how did we come to this point? We allowed the virus of disobedience to enter our life and it is taking over. God is being shoved further and further into the background because we know He wouldn’t be pleased. Then the point finally comes where we need to be rebooted. We have to make the painful choice to erase and remove all the worldly influences and allow the renewal drive of God to take charge once again. These periods of cleansing are not always easy, but they result in a happiness and joy unlike any other. Is it time for you to be rebooted?
And for today my friends, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy.


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