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Friday, December 16, 2011

Advent Day Twenty - Friday, December 16

“…God loved us and sent His Son…” (I John 4:10)

Have you ever experienced someone in your family having a baby? Your wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt? Do you remember the excitement that ran rampant through the house in those last weeks? No matter how big the house, it seems that people keep running into each other and no one seems to know where anything is… everyone seems to talk at the same time, you might just break out into a goofy grin with no obvious reasons….the whole family and household is in upheaval until the baby arrives and gets home.

Now, in my odd little mind, I think that there must have been some major excitement going on in heaven during these few weeks before Jesus was born. After all, He was the Son of the Father and one of the biggest events of all time was about to take place. Angels were practicing their “Gloria” chorus, others were working out the details for the great star and lighting up the heavens; some were plotting out the logistics of appearing to shepherds in a mighty chorus (after all, this whole angel group appearing was a new thing), while many were probably just running the streets in a pure frenzy of excitement of what was about to happen. I hope this unscriptural illustration doesn’t offend anyone, but I like to think that all the heavenly inhabitants were excited that Jesus was coming to be born as a baby and bring God’s Love to all mankind. Think about it and see if you can imagine it, too.

Christmas is an excellent time for preparing all those around you for Christ’s coming. So many may have lost the joy of their salvation and need to be reminded; other friends and neighbors may not have a relationship with Jesus at all. Just as the prophets prepared the way for His birth and John prepared the way for His ministry, so should we prepare the way for His next coming. What better way to do that than to share the story of God’s greatest Love Gift to them now? Print up some little cards about your church programs and hand them out in your neighborhood. Put the schedule on Facebook. Wear an “It’s okay to say Merry Christmas” button wherever you go….and say it. (Now, please don’t harass retail clerks who have been instructed to say Happy Holidays…it’s their job and they may have no choice) Get excited about your walk with God and don’t be shy about sharing it. Smile. Whistle Christmas carols. Whatever you can do.

God loved us and sent His Son. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


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