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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 18 of Advent - Wednesday, Dec. 14 - The Blue-Eyed Monkey

“Jesus loves the little children; all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white; they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” (Children’s song)

In case you haven’t known this, I work part time at one of the public libraries in Henry County. Normally, I sit behind the circulation desk on the adult side and check in and out books for folks, print their computer work, give them some computer assistance, listen to their rants and raves about the economy, politics and life in general. Basically, I’m a bartender, just with books instead of booze. Each Wednesday, I am able to transport myself into the marvelous, wonderful side of the building known as “the kid’s room.” It’s where the elementary school kids come for their books and the room is filled with pictures, a colorful train full of books, and dragons hanging overhead a medieval castle circulation desk. But, the most magical thing about the room is the kids themselves.

As I sit there, they will come up and we will engage in the most serious conversations about almost anything. Just a big ago, I chatted with a young girl about the blue-eyed monkey that is in here back yard most of the time, but lives in the forest next door. She is hoping that the monkey will not eat all of the bird seed and peanut butter that is in her new bird feeder. She has also seen toucans and tigers wandering. So, we had the best time talking about what the toucans ate, what the monkey did in the afternoons and on and on we went. The world of these children refreshes my mind and cleans up my sometimes cynical attitude so easily.

It’s no wonder that Jesus told His disciples to “let the children come to Him” and that we had to come accept Him “as a child” in our faith and love…in other words, not all ‘cynic-ish’ and with qualifications. Just pure and simple, like a child.

It’s kinda like that as we journey through Advent. If you just take the story at face value….virgins giving birth by a supernatural being…angels singing to shepherds….stars guiding the way….intelligent astrologers traveling to find this baby….a murderous plot by a King…dreams and more dreams sending people all over the region….well, to be honest with you, it would be a bit hard to believe. Again, at face value. But, when we know the story at ‘faith value,’ then we can simply, purely, believe and accept. Like a child. God loved us and sent His Son. That’s the basics. All we have to do is Believe. Love Him. Love Others. Tell. Do what He asks. Obey. Pure and simple.

Just like a little girl in Stockbridge who has a blue-eyed monkey living in her back yard. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


At 5:22 AM, Anonymous StoreOnline said...

looking the closer your behavior and your will once you be in the Church i see that seems that you starts to be God's very soon while you were a very little boy! You just remember me a great thinker sayings: "i have left men and their wants to follow GOD and He offers me what man need and make them follow me to get it"


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