"Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words." - St. Francis of Assisi

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Day Ten of Advent - Tuesday, December 6

Let me give you a quick glance into my day, thus far. (I really love the word ‘thus’).

This past weekend was extremely busy with newspaper interviews, research and articles to write; talking to friend and research for book I’m working on about ALS; Church; car problems; getting to and from everywhere while juggling cars; laundry (for a single guy, I seem to generate a ton of dirty clothes); a couple community events to attend…and on and on. Definitely not a relaxing time. So, I was looking forward to a couple days to recoup, relax and get some reading and writing done. After catching up on some errands on Monday after getting my car back, Tuesday was the day to tackle Operation Calming Jimmy. Oh well….

After breakfast I headed to my office/sunroom/fortress of solitude to get busy. Turning on my dinosaur of a desktop computer it decided today was the day to virus scan every file and document meaning it would be Thursday before it finished. So, I headed to get my much newer and faster laptop when I remembered that I needed to get the final load of clothes from the dryer, but before I got there, I had to go get my iPod to sync with some new downloads, but then I remembered to get my laptop and put on some vegetables for supper while I was up. So, I ended up in my bedroom with no clue why I was standing there. So, I headed back to the office, having to get up and get the laptop, sat back down and brought up email. About this time the stove timer rang to remind me to check the vegetables, but when I got to the kitchen, there was nothing cooking. The veggies were still in the crisper. Headed back to the office, then remembered the clothes in the dryer and then the house phone rang so I answered it and while talking remembered the whole iPod deal, but forgetting the dryer. Sitting back down, I noticed a kitchen cabinet I had forgotten to close and WHO can possible work when a cabinet or drawer is slightly ajar. See? No wonder I’m half loopy all the time.

When things go awry and spiral into Crazytown, it can be a frustrating thing and the Christmas season can even make it worse. We get so caught up in all the activities, programs, dinners, parties, etc. that our minds have a hard time shutting down enough to even sleep well. For many years, I dreaded and (almost) hated Christmas because of this every reason. Between my job and something at church every night and weekend, I just wanted January to get here. However, things are different now. A lot of it is that I’ve grown up and learned to say ‘No.’ And mean it. And not feel compelled to offer explanations. Just ‘No.’ I’ve also learned to listen to a lot more music and a lot less television (hence the iPod I keep forgetting to sync).

Christ is the Lord of Peace. If we burden our minds and hearts so much during these weeks that we lose track of His birth and His life and his simple message to love each other. Plus, how can we help prepare others for His Birthday if we’re so exhausted in our spirits and bodies that we really don’t care. Let me to encourage you to slow down, calm down, and feel a little of God’s Love embracing you. He. Wants. Your. Heart. Not your ‘busy-ness.’ Honor the Christ of Christmas by relaxing a little and breathing in His Peace. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


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