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Saturday, March 10, 2007

What Price Can You Put On A Good Pink Pump?

It seems as if our lives are full of drama, seriousness and general bad stuff today. Whether you agree or not, our country is at war. There is corruption and deception in government from all parts of the country. Buses overturn, fires in apartments, home invasions, job losses and on it goes. What I have discovered is that we need is a dose of fun and whimsy to try and get our perspective back.

We are promised over and over in the scriptures that the world is not going to get any better until the end of time. Sorry to bust the bubble, folks, but there isn’t ever going to be a wonderful and glorious period of world peace, at least this side of heaven. Now, that ain’t a whole lot of encouragement to this guy who really wants to just live and grow old without being afraid to leave his house. On the positive side is that God promises us that He will always be with us, His people, and give us the strength to bear up under what happens. He doesn’t promise that times won’t be tough and even tragic, but He does tell us that He will be our comfort and our source of hope in all these times.

Several weeks ago I was in a local store and saw the strangest thing. I knew I had to buy it simply because it made me laugh since it was so tacky and gaudy. It was a pink lady’s pump with gold heels and lined with little diamond-like jewels. The really funny part is that it was a key chain and it was just calling my name. Why, you ask?

A fairly youthful appearing, straight, conservative Christian single guy would normally not be interested in such a thing, but it was so unlike anything I’ve ever owned that I just bought it. Well, there was that matching pink ball gown that I kept hanging in my closet as a teenager, but another story for another time. I bought the pink pump with the diamonds and put it on my ring of keys when I got to the car, and continued to snicker.

When I see my keys lying on my desk, kitchen table or hanging from the ignition, there is my sparkling little touch of fun. I forget for a minute about the troubles and woes of the world and my little part in it and laugh at the fact I actually bought such a thing. I have been kidded and tortured beyond words by friends and family about my pump, but I don’t care. Life is too short to worry about what kind of trinket is hanging on your key chain.

Where do you go or what do you do to escape from the worries and tragedies of the world? Many people escape through alcohol or drugs. Others escape through overspending on material things (much more expensive than a key ring).
Some withdraw from the community in general (bad thing), while others decide to get involved and try to make a difference (good thing).

Folks, trust God when He tells you that if He is concerned about the birds being fed that He is surely going to be concerned about you! As for me, I try to leave the big world events up to God and just continue to look for my Cinderella who will fit (or at least laugh at) my little pink pump with the diamonds.

And for today my friends, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy.


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