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Saturday, April 16, 2005

That Younger Generation

Today was "Hands on Henry" Day in our county. It's the day when lots of volunteers from all over the county come together for the day and give back to our communities by helping out many of the schools and other agencies in painting, building, landscaping, cleaning out and picking up trash. Approximately 120 teenagers from my church were a part of this effort today. Besides our groups, many other church and civic groups of teenagers and young adults were involved all over our county.

As one of the adult chaperones and 'motivators', I had the pleasure and privilege of being at the local YMCA helping to sand and stain a deck and stairwell, plus landscaping and cleaning up the ropes course for the spring and summer. We began around 8:00am and worked until noon when we broke for lunch.

Today I saw teenagers take initiative in selecting a job to do. I saw them take pride in doing a job well. Never once did I hear a complaint about how early it was, how un-fun the jobs were, they'd rather be at home with their video games, nothing...nada....no complaining at all. Oh, not that there wasn't plenty of joking around and pranks being played on each other, however, they got their assigned jobs done and done with quality.

These groups of students put into practice what Jesus said about loving your neighbor and doing good works in His name. They gave of their time and their enthusiasm to help others who needed assistance. Several senior adult centers and homes now have nice flowers and shrubs to look at. Public parks have the trash of limbs and leaves cleaned up from the winter season. Food and clothing centers have been cleaned out and organized so that many less fortunate than us, can come for assistance.

Too often, we see a group of teenagers just hanging around at the mall, in a parking lot somewhere or at the local fast food restaurant and we find ourselves thinking, "What a bunch of slackers. They need to be doing something constructive instead of just hanging out all the time!". Well, I'm here to tell you that for this day, a bunch of teenagers in Henry Country, Georgia made a difference. I could not be prouder of their attitudes of love and giving and feel comfortable to know these young'uns are going to be the future of our churches and of our country. For one, I will think twice before I think such quick judgements about our younger generations. I learned my lesson today.

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