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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My friend, the Cat Woman

An excerpt from the upcoming book "The Monday Night Supper Club." -
Everyone has one. That friend who for whatever reason has a hobby of collecting cats; not porcelain cats, not plastic cats, not cat clocks, but real live cats. You know, that friend we all affectionately call "the cat woman." We suspect our cat woman of going outside in the middle of the night with all seven of her little cats on little leashes and performing show tunes in her neighborhood cul-de-sac. And on Sundays when cat woman doesn't really want to get up for early church, she dresses all her cats in little nightgowns and have a Sunday brunch tea party. The advantage of having one of these people as a friend is that there is always a story to be told which leads me to my thoughts for today.
Recently, my friend the cat woman was telling us that Gracie (one of the horde) is fascinated with water and loves to reach out reach out under the running sink faucet with her little paw to touch the water, then try to lean over and slurp a little in her little cat mouth. How cute. Hmmm. So the story continues that my friend was in the bath one morning and Gracie decided to do more than sit on the edge and watch the water. She jumps into the bathtub, full of water, containing my friend, and again....full of water. From what I gathered, Gracie decided that the water was not quite so appealing and began creating quite the ruckus in trying to get out. My cat woman friend was creating quite the ruckus in also trying to get out at the same time, so by the time both were out of the tub, the room was quite wet and no one was very happy.
You know, as humans, we often become attracted by those things which are attractive and fun on the surface, however, they are not quite so lovely once we become engulfed. We tend to thinkof sinful things as dark and gloomy, however, I think they are bright red with streamers, polka dots, and music with a great bass beat. Why else would sinful things be so attractive? Now normally I tend to not use a lot of church words (like sinful), but it is the word that God puts out there, so we have to hear it. Basically, sin is doing those things that God is not pleased with and is not according to His wishes for our lives.
For example, I think back to some movies I have seen that were not the most appropriate for a Christian teenager, young man, or middle-aged man. Why did I go? To be honest, I went because friends were going and I didn't want to be left out, didn't want to be laughed at by suggesting we should not see it, plus....I wanted to see it myself. Yet, later on, I would find myself thinking more and more about the content, becoming immersed in the thoughts and actions in the show and would have to deal with knowing it was wrong, yet enjoying the experience.
That's why it is so important that we learn to trust the instincts that God gives us as His children. Folks, God is not a restrictive God who does not want us to enjoy life. I have a blast in living each day as I try to live as God would want. I am blessed with a great close family and friends support system, a good job that allows me to work from home, a church where I can find encouragement and growth, and gifts of music and writing that continue to bless others and myself. Yet, despite all of this, I struggle every day with staying out of the attractiveness of sin. Just call me Gracie.
We can all learn from my friend, the cat woman, and Gracie. You might think you like the water and finally take the plunge into the lovely tub of water, just as you discover that it is not where you really wanted to be. Too late, you are cold, wet, and miserable. Stay dry, happy, and and live according to the sense and ways God gave us as an example for life.
And for today my friends, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy.


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