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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Moving Forward

I learned a new song at choir last night. It came out about a year ago from "Free Church", but I don't know if it has been around before or not. As soon as I heard the words, I realized how strongly it was speaking to me. It was if God put that song in that place at that time just for my ears and heart. The chorus says, "I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead, I'm here to declare to you, My past is over in You. All things are made new, Surrender my life to Christ, I'm moving, moving, moving forward."
My friend and brother in Christ, Kirk Talley, sings a song about "You can get past your past, you can walk away from painful memories.....Let Jesus get you past your past and then you can go on."
As I continue my journey back to a closer walk with God and to being the man of God that I am expected to be, I have to keep my eyes focused on Him and on not returning to the past. The past was a hell presence on earth for me...the future will be brighter and better than ever before. I believe that and I trust God to make it so, if I keep my trust and faith in Him.
My nature is one of wanting to get it all over with right now. In other words, I am definitely not the best when it comes to waiting on God. My impatience takes over before long and I try to "help" God make the changes I need. That's when I get in a mess. Don't you make the same mistakes I have. Wait on Him...He promises to take care of us (me, you) and He will do it.....in His time. Grrrr, I hate these learning and chastising periods. Hate 'em with a passion, but that's what I have to face.
I met with a Christian counselor today in trying to work out some issues going on in my head and heart. For that hour, the burdens were lifted because, for once, I could talk to someone who was listening to me and was concerned for me with no other agendas. That has been a rare occurence in my life.So, second lesson is that it is okay to seek help if things get overwhelming. Of course, I seem to have spent much of my adult life in some type of therapy or another, but this was the first Christian therapist and it made a huge difference in just the first few minutes.
Anyway, it isn't the easiest thing for me to be so transparent, but I have to get my journey and struggles out of myself. (The really bad stuff is only on paper, but don't come sneaking around my house...you won't find it!) Plus, as I said in my last post, maybe someone else is struggling and they might realize they aren't alone.
My verse for today? "Therefore, cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you." (I Peter 5:7). He cares with no qualifications, no hesitation....it's hard for me to grasp it at the moment, but the glimmer is there.
And for today, this has been the journey and the gospel according to Jimmy.


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