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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still alive and kicking

Well, I guess you have all wondered what has happened to me after all this time. My last post was about the "Winds of Change" and then....nothing.....
The truth is the Winds of Change whirled in and nothing is like it used to be. I left my job at the church and assumed the position of Editor for the Henry County Times newspaper here in McDonough, Georgia. This is the paper where I had been writing the religion column for a number of years and when their former Editor left, the Publisher/Owner asked me to step in.
I cannot tell you what a blast it has been! The office is small with only four of us there full-time with a host of freelance writers who often put me to shame. I do get to do a lot of writing of feature articles, still do my religion column, get to go out in the county and interview and photograph lots of people and events. I have been there since Thanksgiving and am finally feeling like I know what I am doing with article selection for the paper, doing all the physical layouts, plus keeping up with deadlines and writing. Our staff is a great team and helps each other out tremendously. This was one of the most definitely God things I have ever experienced. Landing a job in what I love to do more than anything....writing, photography and not having to punch a time clock, but travelling around meeting fascinating people, etc. We have a website, http://www.henrycountytimes.com/, so stop by and check out our paper on occasions. Tonight is too late for me to get involved in my template to create the direct links, so for now, just enter the above URL.
So, now I am happily ensconced in a new job and world and will be getting back to posting more regular. Oh yeah...I get to use a Mac now and am quickly falling madly in love with Apple!!
So for now my friends, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy!


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous BJ Elliott said...

Jimmy you deserve the good things that GOD have given you! I miss you my brother!


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Jimmy, my kindred Mac brother! I switched about a year ago, and I love, love, love my Macbook Pro. I am sloooowly converting others from church--even those who scoffed when I first made the switch. I don't know how I ever worked on a PC.

So ... not to be bossy or pushy, but, is there any news about a certain westward trip this coming May? I'm so hoping it will work out. Just think: you could meet Darlene, Ann (do you know Ann Voskamp?) Nancy, and me--all in one trip. And the writing conference won't be bad, either. :)

Let me know how it's looking.

Glad you're blogging again!


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