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Monday, January 31, 2005

Being Icebound with a Neurotic Single Guy

If you are someone like me who registers on the Obsessive Compulsive Personality side of the meter then finding yourself basically snow and ice-bound for two days is not a pretty thing. Several inches of ice had fallen which for all intents and purposes shut down most of North Georgia. So, there I sat on Saturday morning absolutely delighted to have a couple days at home to catch up on DVD's which I had not watched, several books I had not read and spend some quality time with Murphy (who would much rather have had me gone for the day).

However, as I said earlier, somewhere between the third and fourth hours of "Harry Potter" movies, the OCP syndrome began to rear it's head. I had gone into the bathroom to get some scissors from the drawer when I noticed how messy the drawer was and how the long items (like scissors) were all jumbled up with the short items (like tweezers). How can I finish a movie with a drawer in that state? So, I spent a very happy few minutes getting the drawer back into shape using (of course) appropriately sized containers. Then, as I was finishing up, I opened one of the lower cabinets beneath the sinks and what to my horror?? The shampoo and soap samples which I had "borrowed" from motels were not lined up against the cabinet wall as they should be, but some had fallen over, some were turned with the labels not showing and they were actually all mixed up together, not separated by soap, shampoo and lotion. While I was down there, I managed to throw away a lot of other accumulated junk which had gone unnoticed over the past few years and finally had the cabinets and drawers in that bathroom in such a wonderful organized manner that I could finally go back to Harry. Well, after I cleaned and washed out my hairbrush and put a new brushtip on my electric toothbrush, which has the little color coded ring that gave me some difficulty in finding one to match the hand towels.

As soon as I sat down on the sofa with Murphy curled up beside me and I pressed the Resume Play button, my eyes were instantly drawn to a couple kitchen cabinet doors which were slightly open. How can anyone watch a movie with their cabinet doors open? So, as I got up to go close them, I just HAD to restack to the dishes according to size and pattern then move on to the magazine rack so that I could put the magazines in alphabetical order first, then date order within that grouping. We won't even go into the alphabetizing the spice and herb cabinet.

As I was bundling up the trash to take out to the garage from my morning (now afternoon) playtime, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and realized how badly I needed a haircut. With an icestorm raging outside, I doubted that my local barber would be there, and (heaven forbid) I should have to wait two days until they opened, so off I trudged back to the bathroom where "I know I can cut my own hair! After all, I have sat and watched them do it for many years!". Needless to say, I now know why I pay as much as I do for a haircut and realize the value of training and internships in that field.

So, finally after I had done all the above, plus rearranged most of the living room, sun room and hall closet, and did some touchup painting from my furniture shoving, I finally finished my Harry Potter marathon and moved on to the others in my "need to be watched" box.

Such was my weekend. For the life of me, I cannot come up with any deep spiritual or theological thoughts or implications to my rather OCP and ADHD lifestyle, except to just say that God loves us all.......He doesn't care what our syndromes or our neuroses are.......He just Loves us. And, I for one, am very thankful.

Be God's,


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