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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lent - Day 31

“For He makes small the drops of water; they pour down as rain according to the vapor above.” (Job 36:27)

This little verse in the middle of the book of Job has quite an interesting take on God and His attention to details. It tells us that He makes the drops of water small and they pour down as rain from the vapor above the earth. Suppose for a moment, that God didn’t think about making the drops small, but just let one big ole wad of water leaving the clouds and smacking to earth and all the inhabitants. But, no, He created the small drops of rain….probably so that we would survive a Spring rainstorm. And like other verses such as the one about “caring for the birds and the flowers and knowing all the hairs on our head,” shows that God is in the details. He is in all nature. He is a planner. He thought ahead to me …. and you …. and what we will need.

It’s a foggy day up here on top of the world in north Georgia. Well, it’s more likely that the cloud level is low and at ground level, it’s probably sunny and clear. However, the view from the deck this morning is severely limited. Doesn’t matter to me. I can have my coffee and bagel out there and just listen to the silence as well as I can sit out there in the bright sun. But, the amazing thing is the silence. No birds chirping, no rushing of land creatures in the leaves, nothing except a few muffled sounds from people hiking on a nearby trail. I guess it’s a day of rest for them, too. As far as I know, the world is at peace and so am I.

Basically, I’m a beach guy. Love walking alongside the ocean, hearing the surf, the breeze, the gulls, the slight sting of a pink face and back, a good seafood and steak platter, basically all things beach. I haven’t been in a number of years and am feeling the pull back to the water. Not that I don’t love coming to the mountains; their majestic peaks rising to the sky, the views from above, the cool mornings and evenings are great, too.

For my current journey, I definitely needed to get away from the routine. To think. To pray. To enjoy good friends. To rediscover myself. To realize that maybe I had not drifted as far as I thought. It just takes getting away to make you realize that, sometimes. I have needed to simplify my life, have worked on that for the past several months and am being successful. The biggest part of this process is to realize that God is in the details. He is in charge of everything in my life when I allow Him to be. Looking back, He has kept the drops of difficult times small enough to be manageable instead of one huge big ole’ honking calumph landing on my head. And He gave me family and friends to help.

Look for God in the small things…not just the big things. Remember He really does care for you.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable GIFT!


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