"Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words." - St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lent - Day 24

”Go into the whole world; teaching, training, baptizing others in My Name….”
(Matthew 28:19)

When I was just a wee little boy, nursery age, my mom went home one Sunday and left me at church. My dad was not very active in church at that time and sometimes he just kept me at home while my mom went and other weeks I’d go to church with her. That particular week, Mom thought I was home, so she just headed there. Once she got home, she and my Dad exchanged greetings, she changed clothes and began to fix lunch. Somewhere in the process, I believe, she asked if I was taking a nap and how I was. My dad just replied, “I don’t know. He went to church with you.” Needless to say, lunch was left half prepared while the big old 1950’s Chevy with fins went flying down the road and found me and the nursery worker toddling around the church grounds picking up flowers and rocks and sticks. The wonderful nursery worker, Mrs. Ivey, told Mom that she knew someone would be back eventually and she wasn’t worried.
I think that day must have imprinted something on my mind that makes me feel compelled to be involved with all things church related. From music programs to mission activities to students to recreation to discipleship classes to choir tours, retreats and mission trips to just hanging out around the buildings….I’ve always loved to just be around God’s people and being in His house.
God’s people are where we find the most joy in good times and the most support in times of difficulty. This is where we feel the strength of prayers being offered up for us and for a place we can share in the strong bond that only God can knit. I cannot imagine how people who do not have God in their lives can survive in this world without the support of God’s people. How can they know the richness of life that can be theirs without the presence of the Spirit of God in their hearts. The comfort. The peace. The joy.
But, how active are we in sharing with those outside the fellowship? You may be reading this and not have a relationship with God, or did at one time and turned away for some reason. I know the arguments…”the church is full of hypocrites.” “I don’t like all the no’s that Christianity has.” “I went to church a few times and nobody spoke to me.” And on and on…and they are valid reasons. But, I’ll address those in another day. But, for now, just know that God does love you and does have a plan for your life. Regardless. He loves you regardless of whether you love Him or not. He loves you regardless of what you say about Him. He loves you.
So, for today, church…do what you have to do in your heart so that you enjoy God’s people and being in God’s house. That way you’ll be ready to share with those around you about their own need for God.

Thanks be to God for His undescribable GIFT!


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