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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Reflections

Merry Christmas, all! For those that know me fairly well, know that I have not really been into the whole Christmas scene the past couple of years. Not that I've had a crisis of faith at all, but just haven't done the whole decorating bit. Somehow my friends and family think it some form of heresy to not have a tree in the house for the whole month of December.

This week has made me think about starting back up with all that for next year. We had some very inspiring church services, I've been able to calm my busy life down a little and enjoy being home, family and friends have been a great source of Christmas joy and fun, plus....I just kinda miss the whole garland, bows and lights scene in the house.

Today was spent with family and this evening I was with some friends. We had lot of laughter and good food and snacks. But, throughout the whole day, I kept realizing how much God has blessed me with a close family and more friends than I deserve. He is the source of all love and friendship and has provided a close network of friends that I know I can turn to in times of need and times of fun. I thank Him for all He has given to me.

As we set aside December 25 to celebrate the birth of Jesus, let us also celebrate all that we have because of His birth. Because of God's Love, I have an abundant life.....not with possessions or money, but with the knowledge that He is taking care of me and is providing for my needs. Because of God's Love, we should have the desire to share this Love with those around us. In a couple days, I'll be heading to the Georgia Youth Evangelism Conference with a group of teenagers. Those two days each year are always a great impetus to simply share the Word. Not by big words and theological references, but simply by "God Loves You".

I hope you all had a great day and are looking forward to a great 2005 in service to our Lord.

Be God's,


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